A Syriza delegation will visit Ireland over the weekend

A Syriza delegation will visit Ireland over the weekend

The Greek party members will attend a number of public events and speak with anti-water charge groups.

kostas chrysogonos European MEP








Ireland’s newly-formed Greece Solidarity Campaign will host a delegation of Syriza representatives in Dublin over the coming days – it will include:                                    Syriza MEP Kostas Chrysogonos and economist Dr Dimitros Sotiropoulosa member of Syriza’s debt policy committee and advisor to the Greek Finance Ministry.

The main event will be a rally in the Sean O’Casey Community Centre in East Wall, Dublin on Saturday (February 7th) at 4 pm. 

It will be chaired by Mandate General Secretary and Greek Solidarity Committee member John Douglas, and addressed by Syriza activists.

read more on our blog’s dedicated page: https://syrizapaianiaglykanera.wordpress.com/syriza-international/



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