A Peaceful, Pro-Government Demonstration Organized Ad-hock via Social Media in Athens (videos)

( Photos & Videos from the event)

In what almost sounds like an oxymoron in Greece, a peaceful, pro-government demonstration was held last night in Athens— organized earlier in the day and exclusively promoted via Facebook and Twitter. The demonstration was organized to protest the European Central Bank’s abrupt decision not to accept Greek bonds as loan collateral.

συνταγμα Πεμπτη 5-2 συγκεντρωση5

 συνταγμα Πεμπτη 5-2 συγκεντρωση10The response was quick as calls to assemble in Syntagma Square went viral throughout Greece. Similar protests were held in Thessaloniki and other Greek cities.

συνταγμα Πεμπτη 5-2 συγκεντρωση9









Protests in Greece usually make front page news— even abroad. Fiery molotov and buildings in flames have often appeared on front pages of major American newspapers with violent images showing clashes between demonstrators and riot police.

συνταγμα Πεμπτη 5-2 συγκεντρωση6

Last night there were no police. There were no “MAT” as the heavily suited riot police are called in Greece. There were no molotov cocktails. There were only chants against Germany and other European leaders’ “blackmail” against the Greek nation and calls for unity amongst all Greeks to support their government as it pressed for a solution to the country’s debt crisis.

συνταγμα Πεμπτη 5-2 συγκεντρωση7

Police and media estimate over 15,000 people in attendance at the rally.



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