Alexis Tsipras: “The people will write history on Sunday”

The leader of the opposition Alexis Tsipras (‘’SYRIZA’’) gave his main election campaign speech before a crowd of tens of thousands in Omonia Square on Thursday May 22nd evening and estimated that “the people will write history on Sunday”.


Opposition leader argues elections on Sunday “are the referendum for the bailout that never happened”


Mr. Tsipras accused the coalition government partners New Democracy and PASOK of adopting a divisive discourse and acting as agents of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The SYRIZA leader repeated his party’s “electoral dilemma’’: ‘’SYRIZA now or never-ending austerity, dignity now or never-ending subservience” and urged his audience “to stop them, it is a matter of survival”.ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ-ΣΥΓΚΕΝΤΡΩΣΗ Νο8                                                             read more on: http: news-in-english



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