H ομιλία του Αλέξη Τσίπρα στο Λονδίνο (βίντεο) – video & audio (MP3)

Alexis Tsipras speaks in London – videos


Alexis Tsipras, the leader of Syriza spoke to an audience of several hundred people in London’s Friends’ Meeting House on March 15. You can watch videos of his speech and responses to some questions by clicking on the links below.

His main remarks are: alexis-tsipras (click to view)

complete audio of Tsipras speach: 2013_03_15_Alexis_Tsipras_talk.mp3

His comments on Venezuela and Latin America are: [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOP9V0C?p=1 width=»550″ height=»443″]

and a transcript of his speech is here.

“A new wave of popular struggles is emerging all over Europe. The balance of power has started to shift. From Lisbon to Madrid, from Paris to Athens, a new wave of mobilisation and resistance has begun. Soon it will reach London. The politics of austerity will come to an end.  What we need to do is to oversee its demise.

Resistance is in the air and from resistance grows the seed of change. For the first time since the 80s, Europe is on edge. It finds itself at a crossroads.

It will either follow the path of a permanent state of exception, aiming to control growing popular resistance, or it will choose – we will choose – a radical act of change that will entirely transform the field of economy and politics.

We, the European Left, need to learn from the resistance of the popular movements, and at the same time we need to express their aspirations at the political level, exactly in order to change what politics means.

We need to leave the managerial attitude of technocrats and bureaucrats behind.

We need to unite with the people and express their aspirations for a just and egalitarian world.

Our aim is not just to rescue the economy from the death throes of neoliberal austerity.

Our aim is to change the dominant capitalist paradigm.

We will not be able to achieve our aims without the solidarity and the help of the European Left and of Trade Unions.

Our struggle is the same.

The future of Greece, the future of Europe depends on our success.”



Socialist Resistance — Ecosocialist, feminist & revolutionary



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