Meet Alexis Tsipras, the Most Dangerous Man in Europe ……… an Exclusive Interview

Oligarchs are watching the rise of Greece’s opposition Syriza party leader with alarm. But he may be the best, brightest hope for the people.


Greece has become the hellish microcosm of Europe’s failed austerity policies. Politicans bargain with unscrupulous financiers as formerly middle-class people sort through garbage for food and shiver beside smoke-belching wood fires. Burdened by widespread corruption, sky-high unemployment, and plans to pay off the banks at any cost to the people, the country is headed to the breaking point. 223915_253755714730365_1852035264_n

The New Democracy party, currently in power, is struggling for dominance over left-wing Syriza, led by Alexis Tsipras, a bold young politician who many believe is Greece’s brightest hope. His revolutionary idea? Economic policies linked to the needs of ordinary people. For those who benefit from the current disaster, this makes him a very dangerous man.

Recently, Tsipras visited the U.S. on a campaign to counter his opponents’ image of him as a wild-eyed radical and to share his vision of a more equitable, human-centered economy. I caught up with Tsipras during his trip, and far from his opponents’ portrait, I found him a pragmatic, thoughtful leader well-versed in economics and eager to discuss the details of a transformation that will benefit not only Greece, but the rest of us, too. The following interview was conducted via email following our meeting.


Lynn Parramore: You have been called the most dangerous man in Europe. Who is afraid of you and why?

Alexis Tsipras: It is quite evident that those who fear us try their hardest to portray us as dangerous. The parasitic, unproductive, corrupt oligarchy has every right to fear us. This is so because a Syriza government will spell the end of their merriment. It will end the subterfuge and their sinful excuses. People of good faith outside of Greece must take note that, hiding behind the façade of the fiscal derailment, which this oligarchy has caused, its representatives in government chose to tie Greece up to a series of severe austerity packages. Under the guise of “fiscal consolidation,” they legislated the permanent unaccountability of big business interests and have erected a legalistic protective shield around Greece’s oligarch.

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