A german human rights activist Sarah Luiza Hassel-Reusing , appealed the International Criminal Court for Greece !!!

Human rights acitivist

Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing
42283 Wuppertal (Germany)

Sarah luiza


to the International Crime Court
to be delivered to the Chief Prosecutor Mrs. Fatou Bensouda
Maanstraat 174
2516 AB, The Hague (Netherlands)

subject: -Greek charge regarding art. 7 Roman Statute
reference: -further crucial evidence especially regarding the objective part

Dear Madam, Mrs. Chief Prosecutor,

21.11.2012 (edited)

I address myself as a German citizen to you in the awareness, that the German people confesses itself to inalienable und invulnerable (universal) human rights as the basis of every human community, of peace, and of justice in the world (according to art. 1 par. 2 Basic Law, which is protected by the eternity guarantee of art. 79 par. 3 Basic Law). In his famous speech at the 06.09.1946 the then US foreign minister Mr. Byrnes has demanded, that Germany had to bind itself to human rights and to peace as a precondition, which would allow the USA, to accept that Germany might get to wealth again. In the Parlamentarian Council, the body, which has worked out and concluded the German Basic Law, Dr. Seebohm (German Party) demanded in his plenary speech at the 08.05.1949 a legally binding obligation of Germany to human rights and to peace, in order to enable other states to trust Germany again („Der Parlamentarische Rat“, Band 9, Harald-Boldt publishing house, p.562). This means the legal obligation to the universal human rights, for the wording of art. 1 par. 2 Basic Law has been developed starting from a draft of the first paragraph of the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Right (UDHR), and the other international human rights systems, which are valid today in Germany, have been come into existence after the the Basic Law (1949) (European Human Rights Convention of the Council of Europe concluded in 1950, and the EU Basic Rights Charter concluded in 2000 and made legally binding in 2009).

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