Violation of the Democratic Rules in the Greek Parliament! Letter from SYRIZA MEP Nikolaos Chountis

Dear Colleagues,

very briefly I would like to inform you on the situation in Greece today, mostly concerning the undemocratic conduct of the governmental coalition.

Today it is brought to vote in the plenary, as a unique article, the whole «package» agreed between the greek government and the Troika concerning the measures that have to be taken (budget and social cuts, sell out of public services, including energy, water and land, priority on repaying the debt at all costs etc).

This «unique article», of almost 300 very technical pages, has been given to the Members of the Parliament the day before yesterday and, through a «fast track» procedure, it has been discussed and voted yesterday in the economic committee and today it is put in vote in plenary. Obviously, this procedure violates any democratic notion…

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