Syriza London at the mass demonstration of 20 October 2012

Syriza London at the mass demonstration of 20 October 2012

syriza in the UK

Tens of Syriza London members and supporters participated in the London mass demo on 20 October 2012 in solidarity with the British people firm in our belief in internationalist approaches to our shared struggles.

Defying Austerity through International Solidarity

This demonstration takes place two days after the general strike in Greece on 18 October 2012.

The coalition government keeps on implementing never-ending memoranda that amount to a merciless attack on our rights, the imposition of further austerity and pro-capitalist reforms, all at the expense of ordinary people. It promotes the interests of capital and banks on the pretext of patriotically rescuing the economy! Its rescue includes cutting salaries and pensions while recapitalizing the banks! It drives the youth to unemployment and migration whilst preserving the interests of ship-owners and industrialists. It drives our families to starvation while leaving big business free from any loss. The Coalition government’s “national rescue” plan…

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